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A public prosecutor is a provider of a public service. The public on whose behalf prosecutions are conducted have an interest in our operations and we have a duty to account to the public we serve. It is in recognition of this responsibility that our role, duties, performance, challenges and achievements are laid out in this website.


The Directorate of Public Prosecutions was established under Article 120 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda.

The Directorate is charged with the duty of instituting criminal proceedings in all courts except the court martial.

We are committed to the task at hand and in pursuit of this responsibility the following initiatives have been implemented in order to effectively carry out the mandate of the Directorate:-

  • Establishment of 12 Regional Offices at all High Court Circuits.
  • Procurement of a Case Management System to aid in computerisation.
  • Fast tracking of certain positions in a new structure to open up more senior positions.
  • Recruitment of 90 State Attorneys in 2015 and plans to recruit another 45.

 There are challenges that still remain. These however are in the process of being handled.

The establishment of a DPP Staff SACCO should, as a stop gap measure, help mitigate the effects of poor remuneration. The Uganda Association of Prosecutors has continued to help articulate staff concerns and project Management interventions. 

The Directorate has launched a Client Charter which aims at holding the Directorate accountable to victims, complainants and indeed the entire public. I call upon all the stakeholders to continue holding us to the stated standards.

Above all, I reiterate the Directorate’s commitment to a policy of zero tolerance to corruption. We shall execute our mandate without fear, favour, ill will or affection.