Key duties and Responsibilities2


1. Coordinating and managing logistical, administrative and other support services essential for the operations of the Office of the DPP.


2. Deputizing the DPP in all the latter’s functions as set out in the Constitution


3. Guiding and coordinating the requirements and facilitation needs of the specialized, regional, district and other offices of the Institution


4. Managing and coordinating the preparation of the Institution’s budget.


5. Manage and coordinate the disbursement of funds allocated to the Office of the DPP in accordance with the financial regulations and requirements.


6. Initiating, formulating and reviewing policies, rules and regulations regarding public prosecutions and management of the Institution.


7. Guiding the overall coordination and harmonization of the various desks, units and departments towards fulfilling the Institution’s mandate in the management of public prosecutions and administration of Criminal Justice.


8. Identifying the need, advocating and negotiating for support and additional resources for effective public prosecutions and administration of Criminal Justice.


9. Ensuring effective monitoring, evaluation and support of public prosecutions to improve performance of the Institution and the Criminal Justice process.


Vision And Mission


 “A crime free society”.


 “To handle and prosecute criminal cases in a just, effective and efficient manner”.

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