The Department is responsible for prosecuting international crimes such as

  • genocide,
  • war crimes and crimes against humanity
  • as well as handling cases of terrorism,
  • trafficking in persons and Piracy.

These are essentially transnational crimes since they are in most cases planned and executed beyond the borders of Uganda. 

In 2008, the DPP administratively created a War Crimes and Anti-terrorism Section to respond to respond to new threats of international terrorism to the country, the astronomical surge in international trafficking of persons, as well as to service the International Crimes Division of the High court. The mandate of the War Crimes Section was to prosecute cases of International Crimes like Genocide, War Crimes and Crimes against humanity, cases of terrorism, trafficking in persons and piracy

Investigations in this area are prosecution led. The department facilitates a resource pool with sufficient capacity and competencies to provide timely and competent guidance to police during investigations.  The department helps with the implementation of the Transitional justice policy and the resultant legislation which are in the offing.

Vision And Mission


 “A crime free society”.


 “To manage and prosecute criminal cases in courts of judicature in order to reduce the rate of crime in the country”.

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