Key duties and Responsibilities


1. Initiating, formulating and reviewing policies, rules and regulations regarding public prosecutions and management of the Institution.


2. Coordinating and harmonizing the various Desks, Units Sections, Divisions and Departments towards fulfilling the Institution’s objectives in the management of public prosecutions and administration of Criminal Justice.


3. Identifying the need, advocating and negotiating for support and additional resources for effective public prosecutions and administration of Criminal Justice.


4. Ensuring effective monitoring, evaluation and support of Public Prosecutions to improve performance of the Institution and the Criminal Justice process.


5. Managing and coordinating the professional requirements and technical needs of the specialized units, regional and district field offices in the conduct of prosecutions.


6. Coordinating and manage the dissemination of best prosecution practices and policies to uplift the standards of criminal prosecutions.


7. Providing technical and tactical leadership in conduct of investigations and prosecutions.


8. Initiating and promoting improvements in investigations and prosecution practices across the country.




Vision And Mission


 “A crime free society”.


 “To manage and prosecute criminal cases in courts of judicature in order to reduce the rate of crime in the country”.

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