The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions is established under Article 120 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda.

It is charged with the duty of instituting criminal proceedings in all Courts with competent jurisdiction except the court martial.

We are committed to the task at hand and in pursuit of this responsibility the following initiatives have been implemented in order to effectively carry out the mandate of the Directorate:-


  • ·       Establishment of 16 Regional Offices to ensure efficient and effective management and supervision of field offices, and to improve the quality of the output of individual officers through mentoring and coaching.
  • ·        Acquisition and roll out of the Prosecution Case Management Information Systems (PROCAMIS), designed to streamline and automate case management and related business processes including automation of case registration, document scanning and electronic document management, Case Allocation, File Access & workflow. It also delivers improved and faster information access, accurate statistics and trends for executive decision support.
  • ·      Implementation of a new organizational structure to achieve the organization’s strategic objectives and mission, and position it to handle emerging sophisticated organized crimes while fostering effective cooperation in criminal matters on the international plane. Under this structure, four Directorates and eleven Departments have been created. Several new posts have also been created to allow for upward staff mobility.


The office implements a Client Charter aimed at enhancing accountability and improving service delivery by providing our clients with vital information about the services we offer, their obligations and how they can access these services as a right. It sets out the standards for the performance of these functions and creates a mechanism for client enforcement, complaint handling and feedback. I call upon all the stakeholders to continue holding us to the stated standards.

Above all, I reiterate the Directorate’s commitment to a policy of zero tolerance to corruption. We shall execute our mandate without fear, favor, ill will or affection.


For God and My Country.


Mike J. Chibita




Vision And Mission


 “A crime free society”.


 “To handle and prosecute criminal cases in a just, effective and efficient manner”.

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